“We got contact, north-side, 3 tangos visible, some more muzzle-flash, expect 10-20 hostiles, most of’em carryin’ AK’s, probably explosives, too. I need some of you guys to clear this…”the radio chatter started. They were just 3 hours back from their last raid, most of the Special Force guys still sleeping or cleaning their gear, but war never sleeps right, the commanding soldier thought, picked up his M4 and armored vest, and nodded to his comrade, who woke up too.
“Time for duty”,he said with his deep, expressive voice, making him sound like a action-movie hero, thus his nickname: Terminator.
“You know i hate it, when you start your show, T, no offense, but this is the real world, no catchy phrases, no posing, this ain’t the Call of Duty.”, responded the man, whose nickname was Big Brother, referring to his ever-present knowledge and full overwatch.
“Nahh, could at least let me finish my battle cry brother…”
“Enough with that, you reached the others, yet?”,though joking, both were extensively trained, and incredibly experienced, checking their assault rifles, putting on their protective gear: magazine, click, check, lock’n’load, check, sights, check. One more nod and the two got up,…
Meanwhile, on the other side of the base, two other members of the team got through the same procedure, reaching Terminator and Big Brother: “T and Brother. this is Sierra Oscar Two zero, Spectre and Mat, we’re oscar Mike in 2, how’s your status ?
“Hey Mat, we’re ready to kick some ass and show these bearded bastards what the american way means…!”
“Hey is that you Terminator? How about you stop acting like a patriot and start getting your star-spangled ass over here…”,Mat answered. His nickname actually was his real name, Matthew, but nobody in SOCOM ever cared, since the soldiers choose their own call sign, as well as their often unorthodox methods. The 4 members of the team deployed we’re not even on a full assignment, thus leaving their 2 additional support soldiers in europe. But anyway they carried out special missions, helping with counterinsurgency operations, and protected the camp, which was their job right now.
Now the chief, Big Brother spoke:”Told’ya T, better get focused on the job than talkin’ on all day…Back to work.”
“Huahhh”, the radio responded.
Not knowing anything else than what had come out of the radio 2 minutes ago, the radio chatter stopped abruptly with gunfire, Terminator and Big Brother positioned themselves at the door of their tent, Brother leading the assault, T covering his back with his M4. Following the principle of different specializations in the team while using, if possible, the same weapon system, Terminator specialized on explosives and LMG cover . His M4 was equipped with a M320A1 grenade launcher, and an Aimpoint ACOG medium range system, to cover a wider range than Big Brother with his reflex EOTech 551 sight.
Two taps on Brothers shoulder indicated that he was ready and both man left the building.
Knowing the area was an essential, but often not achievable part of operation, in this case at least Big Brother knew nearly every inch.
The two moved immediately to a nearby HMMVV, which would protect them from the enemy’s assault rifles and pistol sidearms. If the reports about RPG weapons or self-built IED-spike-bombs were right, that would be a different story, as every part of the vehicle could be accelerated into a deadly fragment, impossible to treat without professional equipment. A straight-through bullet in  a limb was no thing a soldier wished for, but under these circumstances you fairly notice the real pain, and you could at least try to stop the bleeding and get yourself to a safer location.
Big Brother had a small black spot above his eye and some minor burning on his hands, probably from their last operation, when he slid into cover or reloaded his weapon, but he didn’t even realize until they’ve been back in camp.
Leaning against the armored plate of the truck, Big Brother carefully peaked around the corner:
“Contact, 2 in 20,” he calmly stated, immediately hiding behind the corner again, his last words cut off by a bullet salve spraying from the left hitting the armored vehicle with loud echoes, and the ground right.

A sound on the coms let Big Brother focus his attention, signalling to Terminator he should provide covering fire.
“One Zero, this is Two Zero, no contacts on our side, the camps quiet here, no casualties, a few wounded by shrapnel, Spectre out.”
“So they have RPG’s or what?”,Terminator now asking.
“Yep, but don’t worry, they don’t even realise how to hold them properly, a lot of hipfiring LMG’s too.”
“Team stay frosty, they might get one lucky shot and one lucky shot is all it takes” Big Brother reminded them via coms.”Head to the motorized stands, we got at least 2 unidentified insurgents, they don’t have explosives, or at least their not using them, we keep them busy, Brother out.”

“So what, we don’t try to take ’em down”, Terminator asked
“No, Mat and Spectre can do that safely, we had one hell of a day anyway, I don’t need much more trouble.”
“Guess you’re right brother, those drug farmers we chased down put up quiet a fight already, you still have that bruise in your face.”
While saying that Big Brother and Terminator silently agreed to split up, one on each side of the truck.
Carefully making sure to keep their attackers at a distance without letting them withdraw, thus making a succesful flanking impossible, they both fired blindly.
“They won’t even notice what hit them, I guess they just picked the wrong day, Brother”
“I don’t get it anyway, why would they attack this base, the assault with IED’s and the mortar fire on structures has been decreasing steadily since last spring, our recent raids neutralised the commanding tribal authorities, and as I understand it, those guys are untrained militia.”
“Maybe they just lost a really fucked up bet”, Terminator laughed and fired 5 shots from his rifle and reloaded within 3 seconds.
“Then lets hope they give up and realise their mistake, before we have to stop them…”

Constantly firing at the vehicle the warriors on the other side of the hill, who didn’t even speak English, couldn’t notice that surrender might be a better option today.
Due to their rudimentary training they knew how to clear a waepons-jam and improvise some basic infantry attack pattern, but they lacked of experience, most of them being farmers and their weaponry hasn’t been up to date when they stole it from the russians decades ago.

As Spectre and Mat turned up on their side, Mat pointing his M4 AR at them shouting to put their weapons down, while Spectre covered with a modified M14 QBR from a distance, they, as the team has expected, wouldn’t just turn theirselves in, but instead fire a few rounds in Mat’s direction, too. They didn’t even have a chance of hitting him, and Mat surely wouldn’t show them how to handle a 30-year old russian-made assault rifle.
“Yeah, thought so, “Big Brother said  to T, Spectre adding:”So what, eliminate them?
“How about less-lethal, rest of the camp seems secure, we could slowly approach them, take ’em out nice and clean?, “Brother returned.
“Affirmative”, and with that Spectre fired a 7.62mm precision shot at an insurgents leg, who was just covering behind a crate, firing at the other part of the team.
“One down”, confirmed Mat, “take another shot if he grabs his weapon again.”
“Got it”, said Spectre and returned to scan the insurgents, who know wisely retreated to protect their open side. “We are moving”, stated Brother and Terminator, who were, in the brief moment of repositioning, sprinting up, now only one corner from the attackers.
They started panicking, wildly shooting, one of them running back to get his comrade, who was still lying on the ground, his face showing agonizing pain.
“This is Mat, they’re almost out of ammo, one of them is running back…”
“Mat, this is Brother, i got him.”
Brother fired two warning shots right to the feet of a young-looking man, whose beard showed that he wasn’t even fully mature. With a shocked face he shouted:
“Not kill, not kill”
“Hey T, do you want me to translate, he says he wants you to shoot him,” Mat laughed loudly, now closing in on the man, his gun pointed to the cover of his buddies.
“Watch your mouth, Mat, this is a dangerous place, you know, people get lost all the time, and they never reappear.”, T made an obvious gesture towards Mat and Spectre.
Spectre treated the wounded, once again impressed by his skills, to hit the man in a fairly lethal spot.
“Tell them to surrender,” Big Brother said, now a bit more relieved knowing this would be over without more bloodshed. “And you two…stop it,”he turned to Mat and Terminator, who were arguing loudly about their education.
In both cases it was exceptional, though Mat had chosen to travel through europe and asia, before joining the Corps, while Terminator has immediately turned down a football scholarship when they offered him a place at one of the top universities to study History and Law.
Well, it takes a soldier to fight, and a smart one to survive, thought Brother, who had learned that well enough during Desert Storm and countless assignments throughout the world’s history of violence and war.
Mat now spoke a words in some arabic dialect, which was probably spoken by only a handful of man in some region, in a country normal people wouldn’t even know.
“Stay frosty, their turning themselves in.”,ordered Mat, causing T, who was still rambling on all alone, to raise his weapon, his eyes turning to cold profession.
As much as they could understand, the 5 man, who were mostly boys who had to grow up fast, their parents killed by foreign soldiers, or even the people who claimed to help them, were praying.
They believed to go to hell, because they showed fear instead of faith, or simply because they do not know what could happen to their families at home.
“It’s not that much different, you know,…”,mentioned Spectre.”They have families, and they believe the only way to protect them is to kill us. We are not that much better than they are, right ?”.”Nobody said that, alright,” said Brother calmly, knowing just too well. It had some difficulties to train elite soldiers, when they had a habit of looking behind reasons and orders. It requires a unique mind-set to handle a situation like that, and an almost impossible one to cope with it. If the team would have to go trough a standard psych evaluation, they would be diagnosed with PTSD, all of them. But still, wasn’t it better to send them in, than 19-year old kids from Texas, who would’ve shot the insurgents point-blank posting the photos on Facebook?
“Been one hell of a day already,…”remarked Brother, receiving a smile from his teammates.
“Now let’s get those guys ready, pack your gear, I report to the FOB command, oscar mike at 1600, there’s a raid scheduled this evening…HVT in Pakistan,Codename Geronimo, guess the only easy day…
“was yesterday”, answered a choir of soldiers.

A few days ago high-ranking officials from the CIA, NSA and the Pentagon gathered in Washington overlooking a covert mission taking place in a small village in the Helmand-region.
Marines from a nearby base were conducting COIN raids and patrols throughout the days and nights, thus limiting the influence of open insurgent attacks.
However since the massive deployment of special forces and local security troops the number of IED’s and suicide bombings increased remarkably, causing a fear anxiety in every soldier who is stepping out of the safe zones.

PMC’s, who have been intensely discussed by the government, leading to trials and hearings, rarely operated in the region.
Only three companies were currently allowed to protect american, and lately wealthy locals, “businessmen”, who tried to make a profit. Of course none of these businessmen would ever use illegal methods, but in a fragile country the law was made by the strongest, portraying the often deadly reality of modern Darwinism.
In this case, strong meant being the person with the least moral restrictions and a mind, set for business.
One of these PMC’s was small and most politicians wouldn’t even recognise the name unless they looked at the list of current employees, former soldiers and scientists, whose resumes featured a lot of black passages.
Every single employee of Iridiscent Defense had passed trough the highest clearances and the american government was not really happy about their decision to work for money.
It led to some special arrangements, made in Washington, which allowed Iridescent Defense to do things which would cause the united nations sleepless nights.
Only a small part of IrisDef was Ex-military, but right now it came down to those who actively protected american interests with a gun and their lives.
On a dusty street in the small village a convoy of three armored vehicles approached.
A shepherd turned his head to look at the faces of mercenaries with sunglasses and men in suits, a world the man, who hadn’t seen a mobile phone in his life, would never understand.

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