“You didn’t plan on leaving tonight, right?”
The two men were sitting on a table, two empty glasses, a pack of cigarettes, a dirty business card and a world full of open questions between them.
“What do you think am I planning tonight?”
The man answered with a faint smile and a gaze over the lighted roofs of Berlin. It was late.
“I don’t think,I know, you were trying to put an end to it, one way or another.”
Both men wore fine italian suits, their watches, a Sinn Model 6000 Platin and an Omega Speedmaster broad arrow, would each outprice a middle-class car and the 3 figure bill for a few drinks would be paid in cash. No chance money could help them now though.
The Cigarettes were new, both started smoking again yesterday, now the pack was next to the card. It was one side English, one side German:
Wellington Kanzlei, Potsdamer Platz 4, Berlin, Germany. With ink somebody had written a number on the card:
’20 Mil.’
What would you sell for money, and how do you price trust?

The bar was located on the hotel’s top floor, a meeting point for those seeking luxury or distraction by woman and wine. A few guests were still arriving with their escort, mostly extravagant ladies, who get paid for it. Others were ordering drinks they didn’t like,  expecting a happy end with their women

“Fuck that, i don’t care what you think about it.”
Both men had their forearms resting on the table, they stared into the night as if the lights of the city might illuminate their path. But as blurry and distanced as the lights are, their hopes were vanishing into  the darkness.
Every word seemed to be a line from a play, the two men actors, bound to their role, their agony echoing through an empty theater.
Every sentence froze time between them, the metropolis still rambling on around them, with people dancing, drinking and driving their spirits to the city’s god sitting between the factories red clouds.

A waitress was sighing in a corner, her face showing exhaustion, though she couldn’t sleep for days.
A woman was flirting with a local industrial tycoon, always seeing her dead husband in his eyes.
A young man was crying silently, a silver ring in front of him, left by the love of his life.
No matter what would happen that night, those two men wouldn’t be alone, a million souls would join their journey. Driven by anger, frustration and hope 5 souls will take a step into a new direction.
These 5 people, who never knew each other before, will collide, crash into each other, just to feel something in a world where emotions are as fast as planes and Emails.

At the end of the night, 2 will live and 2 will die.

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