New reports on US drone operations

An interesting article from the AP, showing a different side of drone activities in the volatile border region of Pakistan, led by the US. These reports seem to show the difficulties of drone attacks on suspected terrorist leaders and network hideouts. Given the situation in Pakistani villages it is even harder to measure the level of credibility ANY report might have. Local extremists and the shadowy government have a great interest of using civilian casualties to emphasize their anti-american messages. On the other side american authorities, military advisors and intelligence analysts fear to cooperate which might jeopardize covert operations in the area (and the rest of the world). Of course there are A LOT of possibilities between those two sides, opinions that are influenced by pacifism or simply the fact, that those “attacks” do not matter in Europe.

Personally I would like to state that the idea of speaking out was brave and the effort by the journalists incredible. I guess many who like to criticise US operations such as drone strikes or covert raids, are not aware of the facts: they copy information from “hip websites” while declaring everything else propaganda. Those people have, usually, never experienced terrorism first hand, nor do they know how life is like in the region.

Without judging the incidents leading to civilian deaths , I believe that a political view, especially in times like this, is necessary.

I hope analysts will understand that a careful status quo (with diplomatically balanced drone strikes and special operations against suspects in return for information and protection of the Pakistani government) is worth far more than a war. A war that might very well turn out to be nuclear or at least devastating to the region and the people living there.


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2 responses to “New reports on US drone operations

  1. It is true that propaganda is vastly used in times of war – obviously on all sides involved – to influence public opinion or to keep soldiers motivated. Once the American public was made aware of the large amount of civilian deaths during the Vietnam War (and of course of the many soldiers dying there) their protest finally led to the US forces leaving the country. There is more to say on this complicated matter (Vietnam) but I cut it short to hopefully get my point across. By claiming the deaths of civilians in drone strikes the accusers hope to get the Allied forces out of the region asap.

    Pakistanis – and it is important to state that there is already a war fought which cannot be ignored – in the Warziristan region side mainly with the Taliban or AlQaida simply because they share the same faith and/or ideology. Due to that fact they will aid in their propaganda against US or any other “Western” forces. The same holds true for the Pakistani government which is corrupt to the core and made it possible for Bin Laden to hide in the midst of a “military” town.

    Therefore it is difficult to cooperate with the Pakistani government in regard to the war fought in Afghanistan. The problem is that a lasting peace in Afghanistan cannot be reached without the support of eg. Pakistan and Iran – two parriah states that cannot be trusted but are nevertheless vital concerning Afghanistan’s future.

    The US and their Allies have to understand this when engaging in any kind of operation, be it military or covert action or drone strikes. I am also thinking of incidents involving burning the Koran or any other stupid unnecessarily provoking actions.

    Unfortunately the US never took into consideration Afghanistan’s history, its ethnic and religious make-up when they started the battle in 2001…a mistake they made in Iraq as well…

    • Thank you for your comment. I do believe: American analysts understand a lot more about culture and ethnic conflicts as many might think. They speak local languages and understand religion, because they are recruited from the area by the CIA. Additionally there are many political scientists who support the US government by analysing dangerous situations.
      The key problem, in my opinion, is that those rael experts have not enough influence on american politics. Militarists and Left or Right wing groups fight against each other.
      America does take a lot of things into consideration, they just can’t use their knowledge in the “game of politics”

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