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Here is a first post, dedicated to ‘Real Men Real Style’ ( visit the website, follow on Twitter), hoping to show what I wear and how I complete my style.
As one of the most sophisticated ways to make yourself a sharp-dressed man, the classic watch should be 


in every men’s collection. Sadly many seem to forget the impact of a good timekeeper, whether it is at work, at the bar or in the gym (and No, unless you’re an incredibly talented fashion icon, one watch is not enough for all three activities). In my opinion, which of course is completely personal and does not reflect cultural or general reactions, the watch is, next to a good pair of shoes, the most important part of your outfit.
I do realise that I currently have no mechanical watch, the two I wear are both Citizen, but I plan adding a nice one this year. If you would like to comment on that, feel free to write me a message.

Obviously there are men more sophisticated than me, who wrote countless books on the art of timekeeping, so, ladies and gentlemen: Let me get to the few things I would like to share with you.

I proudly own two, quite different Citizen Eco Drive automatic watches. The first one is a promaster, originally with  titanium wristband. The cronograph is modelled after aeronautical instruments, giving me the (rather useless) possibility to calculate things such as height and fuel capacities.
I really like the black background, as it matches with everything. As a great combination I recommend Polo Shirts, Blazers and casual Jackets. It is not really an elegant watch, but it emphasises a certain attitude, being aviator equipment. I rarely use the metal strap. Since it is nearly indestructible and ridiculously resistant (as is the whole watch, believe me), I wear it when I am outside, swimming, or doing sports.
Buying additional straps to quickly adjust your appearance is an awesome idea (and yes I always have an extra strap and tie with me). It is cheap and can change a whole lot by just matching the color of your style. With another custom made wristband I ordered on the way (classy black), I have the Nato desert strap, a blue and a grey leather alternative.
The blue goes with black and green, which is kind of important, as my employer’s corporate design features a light green and blue.
The grey is nice as an everyday color, for everybody who wants to dismiss the obvious black standard. I have made grey my first choice, as I believe is symbol   of wisdom and class. (Now that sounds like a gentlemen’s phrase)
The Nato strap is an original Citizen product, which was on my second model. As a military enthusiast I had to have one of those. Nevertheless it adds a personal note to earth-coloured casual cardigans or leather jackets (once again I try to avoid black and go for grey-brown )
The watch itself is simpel and features the trademarks of 20th century military equipment: bold numbers, thick shape and no added extras. Personally I like it combined with everything, not necessarily because I lack alternatives, but because it is clean and neutral. Add a nice wristband, wear it with pride knowing the origin of this design, and it proves to be impeccable.
Even with suits and ties.

This is how I start, let us hope I can add some more to my little collection of classic watches (I do not count my TheOne and UFC watch today, as they are worth a separate post).
I do not attempt to be an expert, everything is my opinion, always respect other attitudes.

Please feel free to comment, share and comunicate, this is it for today.

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