Kony 2012-Stop at nothing

Kony 2012-Stop at nothing

I would like you to take 30 minutes of your time and look at the project. Tell me if it is a great idea, or if it is just stupid. Share and comment.

2 responses to “Kony 2012-Stop at nothing

  1. Hey! I think it’s a brilliant idea… The video is so inspiring. Normally, videos like these end with something like ‘we’re running out of hope, please pass this message on so that people know about it’… and that’s it.

    But this one gets you excited because it actually says ‘we have a plan… do you want to know what it is?’ And there is a date, and even an action pack! If it continues to gain publicity I think it will be AMAZING on April 20th. And hopefully the world will put this scandal to bed. BUT the plan could fail- it depends if people lose interest.

    But overall, I think it’s great that we’re using our communications revolution (as in, using the internet to communicate like never before) to do something completely radical.

    I’m excited, are you?

  2. I am.
    I am excited about the possibilities this project creates, and I hope we can see our vision come true.
    I am excited about it, because everybody agrees, that this man has to be stopped, not killed.
    It is a true symbol of justice, peace and future.
    Thank you for your comment.

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