BULLET The highway pirates are on a heavy metal roll 8,5/10

You think a good metal album needs kick-ass riffs, a catchy message and the special kind of frontman to power through the night while you’re driving in your vintage car?               

Here you go, 5 Scandinavian musicians are ready to rock with their 2011 release “Highway Pirates“. It was my first contact with a rather unknown band, who had already recorded 4 albums. Two of those are with their current label. I would recommend you to start with “Heading for the top” or “Bite the bullet“, as they have the quality to be sold and promoted and offer a great start.

With every song and every year they rock harder, leaving the shadow of their hard rock icons. While the first, careful steps onto the stage were obviously inspired by AC/DC, KISS and every other popular metal band of the 20th century, they quickly rose beyond power chords and copied riffs. “Highway Pirates” is their best piece yet and in my opinion the start of a greater journey. Check out their site at bullet.nu, for more information.

1 singer, 2 guitars, bass, drums and a dose of 80’s metal is all it takes to, almost easily, get into my Top 3 of 2011. 10 songs seem not that much, but considering the fact, that NONE  is a pop-rock ballad or a lame filler, Bullet did an awesome job. There are not many bands, that can rock ballads, especially on a heavy hitting album, or have the class of Def Leppard to make them incredible during concerts, so I was glad to hear: There are still bands with attitude, that carry the spirit of another generation.

No messing around needed, the first song gets in your face and tells you what Bullet is all about: Driving, drinking and living free. Don’t expect complicated metaphors: “We are the highway pirates“, is all you get. But hey, what else would a fan of true, classic metal want ?  The guitars are literally driving the song, everything is beautifully clean and crisp. Hell Hofer (what a great name) takes the challenge from AC/DC’s Brian Johnson and, operalike, stretches and raises a lot. Many might not like that kind of high singing, I love the feeling and admire Hofer’s power and endurance. Back on the road, Stay Wild, Blood run hot are great songs, not my favorites, but they still get your attention.

Fire and Dynamite is powerful. It is nicely placed and has a gripping intro, showing how Bullet is so much more different from your average cover band.

The part I like the most is the end, a great album opens with a bang and closes with the right atmosphere. Once again Bullet does a surprisingly experienced job, placing “Citylights” and “Into the night”. Citylights almost reminds me of older rock and blues hits, peppered with a great beat, and the “everything-will-be-allright” attitude you need when you are out with friends. “Into the night” follows with the album’s best intro, and closes with the best solo, once again picking up blues melodies, and changing speed.

Listen to it, rock to it, if you like it, take a look at the bands impressive history and as always keep up being a rock enthusiast.


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