13 questions to yourself: How to define your character

(If you would like to read this post in German, please write a message, post a comment or contact me on Twitter/Facebook.)

For years a popular German magazine, “Focus“, has asked actors, writers and politicians 13 questions about their life and hopes. These questions, inspired by philosophers and scientists such as Freud or Frisch, seem to be trivial. But time after time again, they offer a profile. Do people care about art or luxury ? Are people idealists ? With a bit of experience you can spot those, who let their agents answer and those, who like to humour the audience, instead of thinking about the question.

Today we do not feel the need for reflection or personal attitude. We post everything through Social Media, Hashtags define us, our “interests” are channeled by customised online marketing. Have you ever thought about three books you “would praise” ? A single sentence makes you think intensively (It certainly did in my case).

Since I have been a child, I wanted to answer the “13 questions”. Girls might imagine their wedding day, men their first child, I have dreamed about this interview. It can focus your attention on principles, moments and emotions. If you are growing up, you desperately try to find yourself and the essence of your being, and it is everything but an easy journey.

I am 20 today, and my journey is far from over. I still reflect every day, and those questions are a norm I can apply. Much like looking at childhood paintings, your letter to your first love or your first published book, you will feel proud, ashamed and happy.

Please read my (latest) answers. If you like, comment on them or start your own “13 questions”. It will be worth it.

1. What do you like the most about yourself ?

– My professionalism and confidence and trust

2. Give us your personal wisdom

– “If I get sad, I stop being sad, and be awesome instead. True story”

3. Which statement do you hate the most ?

– “I don’t like myself/the world”

4. What makes you laugh ?

–  Life

5. As a child you wanted to be like. . .?

– James “007” Bond

6. What personal achievement are you most proud of ?

– Working in politics, inspiring people every day, most importantly, inspiring myself every morning

7. What is a temptation for you ?

– cold, black and really expensive coffee and or clothing

8. Which political project would you like to see supported.

– education in science and modern media for every generation

9. Here you can praise three books:

– George Orwell, “1984” – Tom Clancy, “Rainbow Six” – mankind, “The Internet”

10. With whom would you like to change place ?

– The white house chief of staff or a 1960’s “mad man”

11. What do people say about you ?

– Those who do not know me might think I am arrogant and overconfident, those close to me know that I often am.

12. Who should be playing you, if your life was a movie.

– Leonardo di Caprio, and myself as a secondary character

13. A place for your own question. Just imagine: What would be a really uncomfortable question you might HAVE to answer someday or what would you like to be asked someday.


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