Your weekly SitRep of…everthing

This is what happened on the internet this week

(ah, well, some things might actually be real),

this is what you have to check out:


“Darwin Tunes” (The world gets taken over by intelligent sounds, in  a few years music will be self-conscious. In 20 years there will be the Union of Harmony with an elected council of the most beautiful sounds…in 50 years music will be ahead of the human race, which will lead to misery…well, at least it sounds awesome)

“The Drive Jacket” (Yes, the one with the scorpion, comes without bloodstains. Also: You might like the soundtrack, because you’ll feel like Ryan Gosling walking down the street. Except of course, that you are a lame Mid-Twenties salesmen with no charisma towards women. But hey, that Scorpion makes you look like a tough guy, right ?)

“Museum of endangered sounds” (Oh yes, the groove of an establishing connection. it is pretty much how DubStep was born. my guess would be that Skrillex was locked in a room with 1000 connecting telephones. He then had the idea to make music. And also he went nuts…)

“Rock of Ages” (best musical of this decade. Check out the soundtrack, then buy the original songs, then the complete albums. At that point you will realise how much music sucks TODAY)

“Why is japanese Pro Wrestling awesome” (awesome meaning…completely insane. just check out the article. )

-“Jalousiescout” (24?) wird wahrscheinlich von Google bezahlt

“Men’s Luxury watch”(Yes there is an app for that, too. You are an enthusiast, who enjoys classic jewelry for classy men ? You know German, so you can prononce the names of famous Manufakturen ? Your wristband is worth more than your friends watch ? Congratulations, you really love a good watch. For everybody else there is “Swiss watches book”…)

Oh, and if you don’t:

3 responses to “Your weekly SitRep of…everthing

    • Well, it is hard as hell to get every topic under a name…everyone has “their” way of naming it. Since I Iike A LOT of things (politics, science, sports, history, military, style…) and since there are countless things you can find online I think it is awesome to give people an inspiration…
      I certainly do not claim to give you the most interesting article ever, and you can expect a little bit of sarcasm and overstatement when I am writing^^
      If you like the topics I cover, take a look at my Facebook-Page or my Twitter-Account, as they are easier to handle than a Blog (I’ll gladly accept you as a friend on Facebook:

      I could also name it “the SitRep of Awesomeness”, just to make it sound like it’s the best thing you’re going to read all week (which it might even be, if you’re a nerd)^^

      But hey, thanks for commenting…

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