Digital SitRep

ImageCare to take a  look at all the awesome things that the Internet has to offer ?

Here is my personal collection of awesomeness, spiced with science, humor and a dose of WTF…

What you should listen to: Yes, I’ll admit that I like movie soundtracks, and yes, some of them are cheesy and/or boring and I agree. They are if you haven’t seen the movie. If you can’t relate to the atmosphere or the pictures, you won’t get that knowing gleam in your eyes. Just take the ‘Ides of march OST’ (Great film FYI). Without Ryan Gosling walking through rainy cities and looking concerned, the soundtrack is dull and annoying, but given the right context it is probably the best soundtrack for political work…(and yes, I have tested that, it is). That being said it is time for you to watch “The Raid”. I could, without even thinking about it, write novels about this movie, but hey…this is about music, so let’s talk about music. Imagine ‘Meteora’ or ‘Living Things’, two of the best pieces of alternative rock put into a movie. Mike Shinoda, only one genius of Linkin Park, has his signature all over this OST. Want some ? Try “RAZORS.OUT” !


What you should be arguing about : Is there a better way to spend Friday Night than with a HIMYM marathon ? Oh, you think actually having a social life, instead of watching fake friends discuss fictional relationships in New York, while living in an enormous apartment (in NEW YORK?!), would be a better idea ? You’re right…I could be watching FRIENDS. Now if you haven’t already given up, you’ll understand what every single fan has gone through since HIMYM launched many many years ago (Seriously, I have grown up with this series over the years, which indeed seems weird)…It is the age-old battle between the original idea (in this case FRIENDS) and the awesome copy (Yes, HIMYM is a copy). Here ( is the picture that sparked my inner discussion. I mean, would I be watching, if I had real friends to discuss those things with ? Now, it is up to you…just imagine the characters meeting in a bar (Oh wait…) or a Cafe (Damn It…) and have them battle it out.


What you should be watching: “The Raid” ! And if you’re done picking up your jaw from the floor, you can turn your attention to “Pan Am”, the best modern Retro series since Mad Men (and probably the only one, since other broadcasting producers thought it would be too obvious to  copy the award-winning Drama) Gladly, there is someone with the brilliance to take the concept and pitch in a few interesting ideas. “Pan Am” is set in the 60’s, so as in “Mad Men”, there are a lot of fine-looking gentlemen, and drinks, and cosmopolitan lifestyle. But the twist: It is a lot more about the big storylines and exotic locations, kind of like a James Bond movie. While Mad Men stays within the home and workplace of Don Draper, “Pan Am” shows off and creates much more obvious suspense. If you like “Mad Men”, and I am assuming that you like well-dressed gentlemen sipping expensive drinks, but miss the thrill of international espionage and cold war atmosphere, this might be interesting. And also there are ridiculously attractive women.



What you should be thinking about ?:!/photo.php?fbid=10151079974636509&set=a.10150714306991509.428506.5550296508&type=1&theater Please tell me again how “The Newsroom” (Oh, wait I haven’t written about this yet?) is such an unrealistic show. This picture is just a glimpse into the world of News and should give you enough to keep you awake at night, thinking how being a journalist is awesome, and how telling the news is a hard job that deserves respect…

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