What are your thoughts on this particular incident. (Not talking about the book on “Neptune’s Spear”, or WikiLeaks)
Was this the right thing to do for the most elite military unit ?

Feel free to comment or send a message…

CNN Security Clearance

By Mike Mount

Seven U.S. Navy SEALs have been reprimanded for giving up classified information connected to their tradecraft so a video game could seem more realistic, according to a navy official.

The seven were charged with the unauthorized showing of their official combat gear and dereliction of duty for disclosing classified material after an investigation found the seven to have worked as paid consultants for two days with the video game company Electronic Arts, according to a U.S. Navy official familiar with the investigation.

The work, done around the late spring and early summer, was unauthorized by their commanders and against military regulations according to the Navy official.

All seven are active duty members of SEAL Team 6, considered the most elite of the Navy’s SEAL community. At least one of the team members was on the raid that killed Osama bin Laden last year, according to a Navy…

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  1. Personally, I find this deplorable…
    NOT worthy of the words Honor or Elite….

    Personally, they sold out their reputations and the reputation of their Fellow Brothers in arms…. they sold their respect and the trust people once had for these men…
    ONCE upon a time, these men were NOT for sale…


    By the way… Read your main page.. I wanted to be a Bond Girl… 🙂

  2. That would be the question. Maybe they would have been allowed to give some of the information, if they had talked to their superiors and if they had gone through the official procedures…
    I’ve played and enjoyed the game, and it shouldn’t be a big deal, it really isn’t more of a danger to national security than News on TV or documentaries on special forces. I’ve been reading countless of blogs that explain their tactics and gear…

    That’s a nice thing to hear…hope you enjoyed the other posts as well.
    Since I’m a fashion and style enthusiast as well, James Bond always comes up as an icon and inspiration…
    If you like, you may comment on those things as well…

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